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From Patricia O. 

I have some test taking strategies that might help other students. 

(I was quick thinking Im sure I will have more. Ive had really bad test anxiety since second grade and these have really helped.)

Test taking and easing test anxiety strategies I use:

Logic puzzles that aren't too hard but aren't too easy.

Logic puzzles get the gears in your mind turning which makes it easier to come up with the solutions during your test. You can also take a break to do a logic puzzle if you start to lose motivation.


Although there are certain things people do that may make studying less effective, it is still a great strategy, making sure that you are really focused and have retained the information well. 

There are two ways to do this next strategy:

    1. As you are studying make a list of points that you struggle with or didn't know before and make them an assignment. It's all about getting a little extra studying for those problematic subjects.

     2. After you are done studying make a list of things you remembered and make them  an assignment to look over. 

You can even make little quizzes with multiple choice answers.

These all prepare your mind for taking the quiz which makes it less stressful because you are more prepared.

For anxiety:

Listen to music

Make a list about how you feel and why you think you feel that way.

This is helpful because you are making yourself aware about how you feel and why you feel it which makes it easier to remove triggers.

Drawing about how you feel 

For example if you feel stressed you can draw like a bird in a cage or something I like to do is draw the word like anxiety in graffiti and decorate it with bright colors. It makes me a little happier and less stressed. 

Drawing a shape and writing a worry inside it then shading or coloring over it is similar to the strategy of writing it out on paper then ripping it. 

Giving yourself positive feedback like: "I did my best" " I got this" or "It's not the end if I fail".

Always remember that tests don't decide your fate plus in this curriculum the teachers are happy to reassign anything so worrying about if you fail will make it worse. Just try your best next time :)

Really anything that diverts your mind is helpful.