Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ's

Is Hope High School Online accredited? 

YES! Hope High School Online is Accredited via Cognia! Students will receive a high school diploma upon successful completion of the HHSO graduation requirements. 

Is Hope High School Online NCAA approved? 

No, we are not. HHSO course structures do not meet the standards that NCAA requires. 

Are students required to take any state mandated tests? 

YES! State testing is given in compliance with the Arizona Department of Education, students expected to complete state testing depends on their grade level.  Please be aware that students may be required to travel, in order to take the necessary tests. For more information about state testing, please contact your coach. 

What if we do not have a computer? 

A computer with INTERNET access is required in order to participate in Hope High School Online. Tablets and iPads are not compatible with all Edgenuity assignments and tests. 

How do Hope High School Online courses  work? 

All HHSO courses  are done completely online via our learning platforms. Each course has a certified teacher who is available via email or by phone for questions and tutoring. Courses can be completed anywhere with internet access, at any time, but final exams must be scheduled and supervised in our office or via online proctoring with an HHSO staff member. 

How many courses should a student complete in a year? 

Students must complete  a minimum of eleven (11) courses per year to remain on track for graduation. Failure to make adequate progress could result in delaying your expected graduation date and may result in withdrawal. 

How many courses can a student take at a time? 

Students will be enrolled into 2 courses at a time. Any variation outside of this must be approved by your academic coach. 

How much credit is awarded for each course? 

The majority of HHSO courses that you successfully complete are worth 0.5 credit on your transcript. These courses are one semester in length. 

How many hours do students have to work on their courses?

Hope High School Online gives you the freedom to make your own schedule. We require a minimum of 25 hours, unless otherwise noted. These hours can be completed anytime Sunday through Saturday. 

Are there tutors available? 

Yes. HHSO offers students support from our certified teachers and paraprofessionals for each course. 

What if my student needs Special Education (ESS)or English Learner (EL) services? 

Hope High School Online is a state-funded, public charter school which provides Special Education and EL services to students who need them. Online learning may be challenging for special needs students, but the Hope High School Online staff will consult with the parents and students to provide the necessary support. 

How are absences calculated? 

Absences occur when the student does not achieve the required hours for the week.  However, students have the opportunity to make up absences by working more hours than required. Students have access to an attendance report within Edgenuity to track their weekly attendance. 

Does Hope High School Online follow a traditional school year calendar? 

Yes!  Hope High School Online runs off of a school calendar including days off for holidays, fall break, winter break, spring break, and a summer break. However, our courses are available year round.  Therefore, students may opt to work during breaks to catch up or get ahead. 

 See HHSO Handbook for calendar.

What are the differences between coaches, teachers, and paras?

Your teacher is who you would go to for questions about your class assignments, your grades in your course(s). 

 Your academic coach is who you go to when you have questions about your progress towards graduation, help with time management skills, and general questions.

A paraprofessional is who you can go to for tutoring if you need a little extra help in your course(s). 

Will the military accept a high school diploma from an online school? 

Yes; however, we suggest you talk with a recruiter before enrolling. 

Student/Guardian FAQ's

Can I complete my courses early?

Yes! One of the great things about HHSO, is that you have the ability to be able to finish your courses earlier than their due date. Your academic coach can help you make a schedule to be able to finish your classes earlier. 

What are the requirements to be approved to take the final exam?

Students must have completed all assignments, including bypasses. Students must also pass the Cumulative Exam Review with a 60% or higher, and they must be passing the class with a 60% or higher as well.

Where can I find my Grad plan?

When you first enroll, your academic coach sends you a link to a google doc that is your grad plan.  You can bookmark that page to your computer as your academic coach updates the grad plan as you successfully complete courses! 

Who should I contact when I need help in a course?

For help in your course(s), you can contact your teacher(s), or the paraprofessional(s). 

Who should I contact with questions about graduation or my plans for graduation?

You should contact your academic coach with any questions about graduation or graduation plans.

How can I connect with my peers at Hope High School Online?

There are a couple of ways that you can connect with your peers such as VIP, the Leadership Team, some teachers have meet-ups and we now have the Virtual Café' as well.

Does having a job count for credit?

Yes! You can earn class credit for having a job. For more information, contact your academic coach.