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VIP - Value, Independence, Purpose

VIP is a program that plans events in the community with a goal of teaching students to lead a life of Value, Independence and Purpose. Events are free for HHSO students. 

 Hope High School and Hope High School Online will be coming together for our 3rd Annual Prom Event on Friday, May 10th at 7PM!  This event is open for all grades (9-12) to attend! 

Extra Curriculars

Keep an eye out for our growing sports program! Below you will find contact information to gather additional details!

Basketball Tryouts.pdf
Hope Sports.pdf

Extracurricular Activities: A List of Possibilities!!

Here we have gathered a list of programs including Technology, Athletics, Arts, Clubs, and Volunteering/Internships/Work that are organized outside of Hope High School Online. Students can independently reach out to these programs to get more information!

Please reach out to your coach for more information.

**Blueprint Education in no way endorses or is partnered with these companies or organizations. Blueprint Education is not responsible for any injury or problems that arise from students participating with these above companies**

We have partnered with Dream City Christian schools to allow our students to play sports for them. The following sports are available. 

All these are dependent upon student involvement. Meaning, if they do not have enough to form a team, it will be cancelled. Baseball and Softball are run like a club program, not a school team - so anyone from any school can come and join us provide they try-out and can afford the fees associated with club sports. 


Volleyball (JH/Var)

Boys Soccer (Var)

Cross Country (Var/JH)


Boys Basketball (JH/JV/Var)

Girls Basketball (Var)


Girls Basketball (JH)

Sand Volleyball

Golf (B/G and JH/Var)

Baseball (Club)

Softball (Club)

Patrick Blakesley | Athletic Director / Dean of Students

21000 N 75th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308

Tel: 623-561-2000