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How HHSO Stays Motivated?

The following are submissions about how HHSO students stay motivated. 

I stay motivated by having a good schedule. Going to bed early, waking up early, doing things in organized times through out the day. Sometimes I get unmotivated and start to feel down and depending on why I feel depressed it can last a while but I still try to keep that schedule going:)

I stay motivated because I work and for me to work my parents say that I have to keep my grades up and get my hours in so that helps me stay in a good mindset to get my hours in.


I stay motivated for school because it’s the law but most other things I just think about my family and people I care about and push forward .


Motivation is hard for me.  I have ADHD and I disliked the medications, so I manage it on my own.  I try and say focused by setting time frames -- I work on school for a bit, then I take a break for video games.  This seems to help me focus on the task at hand.  When I fall behind, I try and develop a plan that allows me to get caught back up.  This might be more school with less breaks, which I hate.  So I try and not get behind although it happens often.  I am motivated to graduate, this is my next big step. 


To stay motivated I have been telling myself that in the long end it will all be better and come together.


I stay motivated through setting goals for myself. These usually consist of setting a day that I want to  finish my courses by, that day may be the date on Edgenuity or it might be sooner than that date. If I find myself losing motivation while just doing an assignment I tell myself that I can take a break after I finish that assignment, and that usually helps me to get it done faster. 

I am usually most motivated to do my work or study when I really understand the information I am learning. When I am not motivated to do work or study I will keep my work near me until I do it and once I start doing my work then I usually get motivated to finish it. I also procrastinate a lot so I just have to constantly tell myself that I will feel better if I just get the work done and out of the way so I don't have to keep worrying about it. I also think about the future and how education is really important so that motivates me to always try my best.


The things to keep me motivated for school is wanting to graduate possibly early. There are times I become lazy with school and it takes a lot to get me back up, but once I’m motivated, I will run on treadmill for a few minutes or go outside and play some basketball. I often do play catch with my dog and that keeps me going. I will return back to my room and begin my schoolwork. It’s hard sometimes to keep up the energy.